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Europe Region EU Projects | PROMINENCE, the New EU-Funded Project of the Europe Region

The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy is a partner in the EU-funded PROMINENCE project, which will focus on obesity education in physiotherapy curricula in the EU.

The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy is a partner in the EU-funded project titled ‘Promoting Obesity and Metabolic Rehabilitation INclusion in EU Entry-level Physiotherapy Curricula - PROMINENCE’, which commenced its work in December 2023 and will be completed in March 2026.

PROMINENCE is a pioneering partnership between five European Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy with a focus on physiotherapy education regarding obesity and metabolic disease, a leading cause of morbidity which is a shared challenge to the health of all EU citizens and its healthcare systems.

The project brings together University College Dublin in Ireland, Mälardalen University in Sweden, two universities in Finland, Tampereen Ammattikorkea Koulu Oy (TAMK) and Yrkeshogskol An Arcada Ab (Arcada), and two Belgium-based organisations - Universiteit Hasselt and the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy.

PROMINENCE aims to: 

  • facilitate educators to drive the development and achievement of competences, 

  • create new, innovative or joint curricula or courses beyond the scope, and

  • provide digital content and share sound pedagogical practices

in the area of obesity education and physiotherapy.

The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy is involved in reviewing and disseminating an upcoming survey and the development of PROMINENCE Open Education Resource (OER), in addition to driving communications efforts.

The project's official launch marks World Obesity Day - visit the PROMINENCE website to learn more about the consortium and its activities.

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