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EU Funded Projects

UcanACT Project

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UcanACT is an intersectoral initiative, joining together physiotherapists, local authorities, non-profit organizations, higher education and research institutions with the overall objective: to engage adult and senior citizens to practice physical activity (PA) as a tool for cancer prevention within public urban green spaces. 


UcanACT cancer prevention actions are not only good for health but also for spending control. Economic value and cost effectiveness of cancer prevention is an important aspect that should be considered especially in the post-COVID economic crises, faced by the EU and globally. 

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The 'Promoting Obesity and Metabolic Rehabilitation INclusion in EU Entry-level Physiotherapy Curricula - PROMINENCE' project is a pioneering partnership between five European Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy with a focus on physiotherapy education regarding obesity and metabolic disease, a leading cause of morbidity which acts as a shared challenge to the health of all EU citizens and its healthcare systems.

The PROMINENCE project aims to:

  • facilitate educators to drive development and achievement of competences,

  • ccreate new, innovative or joint curricula or courses, and

  • provide digital content and pedagogical practices

in the area of obesity education and physiotherapy.​

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