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Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

The Europe region World Physiotherapy has developed this briefing paper as a resource for Member Organisations (MOs) to use when outlining how Physiotherapists are best placed to prescribe physical activity programmes for individuals and groups in the areas of prevention, maintenance, promotion and treatment across the lifespan.

The document demonstrates how physiotherapists, as specialists in both exercise and health promotion, are in an ideal position to influence the health of the individual. It also outlines how, as a result of the above, the Europe region World Phsiotherapy and its individual Member Organisations are appropriately positioned to impact on the health of the European population through promotion of physical activity and advocacy in relation to public policy.

This briefing paper is intended as a resource for the Europe region World Physiotherapy and its individual Member Organisations (MOs). It serves to assist the Europe region World Physiotherapy in influencing the EU to include physical activity in all European efforts to improve population health. It also serves to assist individual MOs within Europe in supporting and advocating their governments, government departments and local authorities in regard to the compelling need for the inclusion of physical activity in all public efforts and programmes to improve lifestyle and reduce morbidity from Non Communicable Diseases.

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