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Physiotherapists promote and prescribe physical activity programmes in the areas of prevention, maintenance, promotion and treatment across the lifespan. We are the specialists in human activity and movement.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the health profession with expertise in movement and exercise prescription throughout the lifespan across the health spectrum. Physiotherapy involves specific interventions to individuals and populations where movement and function are, or may be, threatened by illness, ageing, injury, pain, disability, disease, disorder or environmental factors. Such interventions are designed and prescribed to develop, restore and maintain optimal health.

Physiotherapy is integral to all spheres of health and well-being such as promotion, prevention, habilitation and rehabilitation and encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social factors. Physiotherapy involves the interaction of the physiotherapist with the client including his/her family, care givers and other relevant health professionals and communities.

What is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are autonomous health professionals who are responsible for developing, maintaining or restoring motor function and movement throughout the lifespan using evidence-based practice. They relieve pain and treat or prevent physical conditions associated with injury, disease or other impairments. Physiotherapists empower patients and their carers to manage the condition outside clinical settings. They work within their scope of practice and their professional Code of Conduct.
Regulated in 27 EU Member States and in EFTA countries.

Advanced physiotherapists are highly specialist. They make complex decisions and manage risks in unpredictable contexts and within a defined area. They may focus on a specific area of clinical practice, education, research or professional management.

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