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EU Mobility

Working Abroad as a Physiotherapist

If you want to work in another EU country and your profession is regulated there, which is the case for physiotherapist, you may need to get your professional qualifications (training and professional experience) officially recognised before you start practicing in your host country.

A profession is regulated if you have to hold a specific degree, sit special exams, or register with a professional body before you can practise it.

The profession of physiotherapist is regulated in 26 EU Member States and in EFTA countries.

What you need to know if you are thinking about looking for work in another EU country, your rights as an EU national and information on procedures are here.

It is highly recommended to use an European CV.

European Professional Card (EPC)

The European professional card (EPC) is an electronic procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications between Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU). The EPC is not a physical card.

It aims to facilitate the free movement of professionals within the EU. The EPC should simplify the procedure for recognition of professional qualifications, and enhance transparency for EU citizens.

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