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The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy was established through a merger of WCPT Europe (The World Confederation of Physical Therapy – European Region) and the SLCP (Standing Liaison Committee of Physiotherapists in the EU) in September 1998.

The Europe region is a Region of World Physiotherapy and it is bound by its Constitution and Regulations:


The constitution of World Physiotherapy was approved at the 19th general meeting, 8-9 May 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The constitution sets out our membership organisational structure and operating procedures. It includes the duties and responsibilities of the executive board, member organisations, regions, subgroups, as well as the organisation of the general meeting, which is held every four years.

The constitution may only be amended or repealed by a resolution passed by at least 75% of all votes cast at a general meeting.


The regulations of World Physiotherapy underpin the constitution and provide detail and clarity on individual processes. The constitution defines ‘what’ needs to be done and the regulations set ‘how’ this should be done. Clause 68 of the constitution sets out that regulations must be developed in consultation with member organisations, regions and subgroups and must be consistent with the constitution. 

The regulations were approved by the Executive Board of World Physiotherapy in March 2021 and entered into force on 1 July 2021.

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