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Stakeholders | SIP Joint Statement on Pain and Mental Health

The SIP Joint Statement presents the common position of the undersigned organisations with regards to pain and mental health and outlines key recommendations to be taken by both EU and national policy makers to promote action and change in the field.

The Societal Impact Pain (SIP) Platform launched the SIP Joint Statement on Pain and Mental Health, alongside different European professional and patient organisations.

The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy has been part of the team as one of the signatories providing physiotherapy expertise.

"In chronic pain, mental health professionals such as psychologists and physiotherapists work as part of a multidisciplinary team to deliver biopsychosocial interventions including cognitive behavioural therapies, exposure, behaviour change, body awareness therapies, physical activity programmes and relaxation activities."

The Joint Statement includes 9 key recommendations related to the close relationship between Pain and Mental Health, Pain and Mental Health Conditions as biopsychosocial experiences, its link to employment and the integration of Pain into Mental Health Policy.

From the Mental Health Working Group of the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy, we work to enhance the figure of the physiotherapists in the management of Mental Health and we feel proud of have being part of this collaborative effort, demonstrating a commitment to the wellbeing of individuals affected by pain caused by mental health conditions.

Read the full SIP Joint Statement on Pain and Mental Health

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