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European Union | European Commission - EU4Health Work Programme for 2024 adopted

The European Commission has published the implementing decision on the EU4Health financing programme for 2024 managed by HaDEA

On the 5th of December of 2023, the European Commission published the implementing decision on the financing programme for EU4Health and the adoption of the work programme for 2024.

Thus, the budget that will be available in each area was made public. Below you will find the specific objectives that may be of interest for you to apply for and be eligible to receive support for your projects:

  • Crisis Preparedness

    • Health emergency preparedness and response authority

    • Implementation of the regulation on serious cross border threats to health

  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 

    • Tobacco control policy

    • Non-communicable and communicable diseases

    • Mental Health Challenges

    • Operating grants for health NGOs

    • EU4Health national focal points

    • Supporting long-COVID patients: Insights and action

  • Cancer

    • Paediatric palliative care

    • Health literacy for cancer prevention and care

    • Psychosocial support and rehabilitation for children and their families in paediatric oncology clinics in member states and countries associated to the EU4Health programme

    • Provision of care for adolescent and young adult cancer patients

  • Health system and healthcare workforce

    • Reforming and strengthening health systems

    • Preparation and implementation of the health technology assessment regulation

    • Health policy training

  • Digital

    • Promoting the uptake of artificial intelligence in health

The Advocacy & EU Working Group of the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy is currently drafting a guidelines document on EU funding for Members Organisations of the Europe Region which will be presented in the next General Meeting.

If you have any questions or if you are willing to apply to any of the calls that will be coming out in 2024 and need guidance please contact us at

Read the full Commission Implementing Decision to get more detailed information on the specific objectives.

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