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Europe Region | Webinar on demand! How Does Research Advance Physiotherapy in Europe

Physiotherapists must stay abreast of research to enhance decision-making and use evidence-based practice. This webinar includes short presentations focusing on the importance of research for the physiotherapy profession.

On Thursday 11th April 2024, the Education & Research Working Group of the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy held an online webinar on how research advances Physiotherapy in Europe.

The event was moderated by Carmen Suárez, 1st Vice-chairperson of the Europe Region and Chair of the Education & Research Working Group.

List of panellists:

Prof. Nikolaos Strimpakos | Greece

Dr. Gráinne Sheill | Ireland

Prof. Raf Meesen | Belgium

Mr. Michele Cannone | Italy

Prof. Snježana Schuster | Croatia

Dr. Nathan Cardy | Ireland

The webinar was a success which grabbed the attention of almost 400 physiotherapists. The recording is already available on the Europe Region’s YouTube channel.

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