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Europe Region | Members of the Working Groups for the 2024-2026 term

The members of the Working Groups of the Europe Region of World Physiotherapy for the next two years have been announced.

With the 14th General Meeting of the Europe Region in May 2024, the 2022-2024 term of the Working Groups came to an end. A new call to apply for membership of the Working Groups for the 2024-2026 term opened on the 31st May 2024. 

The Executive Committee of the Europe Region met in Brussels in June 2024. During the meeting they assessed the nominations received and the following individuals were elected to serve as Working Groups members for the 2024-2026 term: 

Advocacy and EU Matters Working Group:

Chair: Tim Németh

  • Katrin Reichstamm (Austria)

  • Eleftherios Bournousouzis (Greece)

  • Līva Tiesnese (Latvia)

  • Marloes Meurs (Netherlands)

  • Adérito Seixas (Portugal)

  • Ramona Pavel-Szekers (Romania)

  • Charlote Urell (Sweden)

  • Aline Descloux (Switzerland)

Education & Research Working Group: 

Chair: Carmen Suárez Serrano

  • Raf Meesen (Belgium)

  • Lyubomira Sazdova (Bulgaria)

  • Minettchen Herchenröder (Germany)

  • Nikolaos Strimpakos (Greece)

  • Gabriella Császár (Hungary)

  • Stephen Lungaro Mifsud (Malta)

  • Daniela Stanca (Romania)

  • Tine Kovačič (Slovenia)

  • Filiz Can (Turkey)

  • Reena Patel (United Kingdom)

Professional Practice Working Group:

Chair: Esther-Mary D’Arcy 

  • Iva Lončarić Kelečić (Croatia)

  • Lia Charalambous (Cyprus)

  • Stefan Hegenscheidt (Germany)

  • Fran Theron (Ireland)

  • Nirit Rotem (Israel)

  • Loredana Gigli (Italy)

  • Bogdan Vereş (Romania)

  • Marcel Sekereš (Slovakia)

  • Helen Sharma (United Kingdom)

Cancer Working Group 

Chair: Michele Cannone

  • Nele Adriaenssens (Belgium)

  • Fryni Ioannou (Cyprus)

  • Marianne Himberg (Finland)

  • Nikolaos Strimpakos (Greece)

  • Gráinne Sheill (Ireland)

  • Nirit Rotem (Israel)

  • Līva Tiesnese (Latvia)

  • Irene Cantarero (Spain)

  • Anastasios Manettas (Switzerland)

Mental Health Working Group 

Chair: Katri Partanen 

  • Tine Van Damme (Belgium)

  • George Ploutarchou (Cyprus)

  • Raili Räikkönen (Finland)

  • Stavros Stathopoulos (Greece)

  • Didzis Rozenbergs (Latvia)

  • Petra Dubajová (Slovakia)

  • Cristina Bravo (Spain)

Musculoskeletal Disorders Satellite Working Group 

Chair: Katri Partanen

  • Borislav Chongov (Bulgaria)

  • Annita Pelekanou (Cyprus)

  • Kieran O’Sullivan (Ireland)

  • Gay Peart-Murphy (Ireland)

  • Adérito Seixas (Portugal)

  • Filiz Can (Turkey)

Thus, during this term the Working Groups of the Europe Region will be composed of 44 physiotherapists from 24 different Member Organisations of the Europe Region.

The Europe Region would like to acknowledge and thank the individuals who were part of the Working Groups during the 2022-2024 term for their work and contributions to the profession in Europe.

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