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Association of Physiotherapists in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UfuBiH)

Udruženje/Udruga fizioterapeuta u Bosni i Hercegovini
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The data has been provided by the Member Organisation and to the extent possible are a true reflection of the situation in the country, however not all figures are authoritative and should be interpreted accordingly.
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UFFBiHBiH - 2009,changed the name UFuBiH - 2015 (Association of Physiotherapist in Bosnia and Herzegovina).- the largest organization for physiotherapist in B&H.Members: physiotherapists, PT assistants (Master’s, Bachelor’s, High school and secondary school diploma).The Executive Board of UFuBiH - seven members, volunteers:
Ćamila Avdića 31

71000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 66 90 92 18
Social media:
Number of Members:


Europe region Primary Contact
Chief Executive Officer
Mirjana Dujmović /
Mirjana Dujmović
Katarina Rašo Schreilechner/
General Secretary
Contact for Students
Haris Kapetanović
Komora zdravstvenih tehničara svih profila FBiH,
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