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5th European Congress of the Europe region World Physiotherapy

Sep 11 - Jan 31

To adapt to the current situation, following the global disruption caused by the pandemic of Covid-19, the Project Board of the 5th European Congress, with full regard to preserve the scientific value of the abstracts already submitted, and considering the health and safety concerns for participants, decided to host the Europe Region World Physiotherapy 2020 Congress as an online event

For the first time, the Europe Region Congress held as an entirely online meeting that offered the physiotherapists community the possibility for educational exchanges and scientific news.

Programme. The online congress had the same content as the in-person version and was accredited for participation. Presentations were arranged on the platform according to the Four main tracks: Diversity and Inclusion in Learning, Practice Education and Science in Physiotherapy. On the programme page you can find an overview of all accepted abstracts. An additional track with COVID-19 topics was added.

The Europe Region World Physiotherapy 2020 Congress was organised in collaboration with the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) and hosted by AXXON (Physical Therapy in Belgium) together with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven).

Members of the Scientific Committee

  • John Xerri de Caro, Chair (Malta)

  • Beate Salchinger (Austria)

  • Eleni Kapreli (Greece)

  • Andrea Turolla (Italy)

  • Geert Verheyden (Belgium) – On behalf of Axxon – Member Organisation hosting the congress.                               

  • Bjorg Gudjonsdottir (Iceland) – On behalf of ENPHE – Collaborating with the Congress organiser  

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