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Clinical Guidelines Conferences

4th Conference on Clinical Guidelines

Den Bosch, the Netherlands
Dec 07 - Dec 08



Programme & Recordings

Opening: Key note – Value Based Healthcare: The value of Physiotherapy

Michael Brennan (United Kingdom)

Session1: European examples of bringing evidence into practice

Nathalie Beswetherick (United Kingdom)

Margareta Eriksson (Sweden)

Emilie Wojdemann (Denmark)

Guus Meerhoff (Netherlands)

Session 2: Science and Physiotherapy

Sandra Beurskens (Netherlands)

Session 3: Evidence Based Practice, What are we talking about?

Lost in translation GRADE: Dunja Dreessens & Ton Kuijpers

Session 4:  Evidence into practice in the Netherlands. Practical application

Clinimetrics framework: Emmylou Breekman & Esther Bols

E-Learning: Marleen Post

Validity of wereable: Emmylou Breekman & Darcy Ummels

Session 5:  Multidisciplinary collaboration in Dutch guideline development

Osteoarthritis: Astrid Polak

Osteoarthritis: Wilfred Peter

Traumatic & Acute knee injury: Stephan Konijnenberg & Nicky van Melick

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