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Clinical Guidelines Conferences

3rd Conference on Clinical Guidelines and G-I-N 2015 Pre-conference course

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Oct 06 - Oct 07


The third Guidelines conference of ER-WCPT was held in Amsterdam prior to the conference of the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N). The theme of the conference was the adaptation, adoption, and implementation of existing guidelines. The aim was to develop strategies for ER-WCPT members to select and adapt existing guidelines for their local context, followed by implementation of the guideline. The theme was discussed based on examples of guidelines for Osteoarthritis and Stroke.


Programme & Recordings

Opening: Key note – Value Based Healthcare: The value of Physiotherapy

Michael Brennan (United Kingdom)

Session1: European examples of bringing evidence into practice

Nathalie Beswetherick (United Kingdom)

Margareta Eriksson (Sweden)

Emilie Wojdemann (Denmark)

Guus Meerhoff (Netherlands)

Session 2: Science and Physiotherapy

Sandra Beurskens (Netherlands)

Session 3: Evidence Based Practice, What are we talking about?

Lost in translation GRADE: Dunja Dreessens & Ton Kuijpers

Session 4:  Evidence into practice in the Netherlands. Practical application

Clinimetrics framework: Emmylou Breekman & Esther Bols

E-Learning: Marleen Post

Validity of wereable: Emmylou Breekman & Darcy Ummels

Session 5:  Multidisciplinary collaboration in Dutch guideline development

Osteoarthritis: Astrid Polak

Osteoarthritis: Wilfred Peter

Traumatic & Acute knee injury: Stephan Konijnenberg & Nicky van Melick

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