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Clinical Guidelines Conferences

2nd Conference on Clinical Guidelines

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Dec 02


During the annual congress of KNGF a 2nd conference on clinical guidelines was organized for members of the European Region of WCPT. The theme of the invitational conference was: ‘Implementation of clinical guidelines: improving the quality of physical therapy care within chronic disease management’. In 2006 the European Region of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (ER-WCPT) organized the 1st conference on clinical guidelines to set out strategy for further development and implementation of clinical guidelines. The focus of this second conference was implementation of clinical guidelines to improve the quality of physical therapy care. Implementation of innovations requires a solid and structured strategy to change clinical practice.

The morning session was open for all participants of the KNGF congress and started with an overview of strategies to implement change of clinical practice and professional behavior. We further explored barriers for implementation using COPD as example, a chronic disease with high relevance for implementation related to multidisciplinary treatment, smoking cessation and self-management support. During the afternoon Member Organizations of ER-WCPT worked on a strategy to implement high quality physical therapy treatment. We used a model developed by Grol and Wensing to design strategies for implementation. The objective was to develop a draft implementation plan, which can be finalized and adapted for individual use by each Member Organization.


Chairs : Sarah Bazin and Philip van der Wees

Opening session
09.30 Central Opening of the KNGF congress

Morning session
Implementing physiotherapy care for COPD patients in a multidisciplinary setting

10.45 Opening

10.55 Implementing change (Richard Grol, Netherlands)

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Clinical guideline COPD in multidisciplinary perspective (Rik Gosselink, Belgium)

12.25 Exercise and smoking cessation (Michael Ussher, UK)

12.45 Self-management support (Ilse Mesters, Netherlands)

13.05 Discussion

13.15 Lunch

Afternoon session
Development of an implementation strategy

14.00 A six-step model to design and operate an implementation strategy

14.15 Implementing Parkinson’s disease guideline in Europe: a case example
(Mariella Graziano, Luxemburg)

14.30 Barriers for physical therapy diagnosis and intervention in Parkinson’s Disease (Samyra Keus, Netherlands)

14.40 Barriers and facilitators for implementing the COPD guideline (Philip van der Wees, Netherlands)

14.50 Problem analysis

15.10 Tea break

15.30 Selecting interventions

16.00 Designing the outline of an implementation strategy

16.45 Conclusions

17.00 Closing

Programme & Recordings

Opening: Key note – Value Based Healthcare: The value of Physiotherapy

Michael Brennan (United Kingdom)

Session1: European examples of bringing evidence into practice

Nathalie Beswetherick (United Kingdom)

Margareta Eriksson (Sweden)

Emilie Wojdemann (Denmark)

Guus Meerhoff (Netherlands)

Session 2: Science and Physiotherapy

Sandra Beurskens (Netherlands)

Session 3: Evidence Based Practice, What are we talking about?

Lost in translation GRADE: Dunja Dreessens & Ton Kuijpers

Session 4:  Evidence into practice in the Netherlands. Practical application

Clinimetrics framework: Emmylou Breekman & Esther Bols

E-Learning: Marleen Post

Validity of wereable: Emmylou Breekman & Darcy Ummels

Session 5:  Multidisciplinary collaboration in Dutch guideline development

Osteoarthritis: Astrid Polak

Osteoarthritis: Wilfred Peter

Traumatic & Acute knee injury: Stephan Konijnenberg & Nicky van Melick

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