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Italian Association of Physiotherapy (A.I.FI.)

Associazione Italiana di Fisioterapia - Italian Association of Physiotherapy
The data has been provided by the Member Organisation and to the extent possible are a true reflection of the situation in the country, however not all figures are authoritative and should be interpreted accordingly.
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The Italian Association of Physical Therapists (AIFI), is a voluntary and non-profit organization, that represents, protects and promotes the category of Physiotherapists, by developing the knowledge and the scientific study of the Profession, including professional practice, training and research, in the interest of all citizens.
Via Fermo 2/C 00182 Roma
(39) 06 7720 1020
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Number of Members:

3 214

Europe region Primary Contact
Chief Executive Officer
Michele Cannone /
Simone Cecchetto /
Donato Lancellotti
General Secretary
Contact for Students
Donato Lancellotti
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